Friday, 22 July 2011

Visioning charrette

On July 15 we held our first visioning charrette with all members of the current garden/education team.  Previous sessions have been held but this was a first for those of us directly working on the site this summer.

Challenging and important discussions were held on the potential for overlap between production and educational objectives.  A five-year plan was sketched out with The Orchard Garden acting as an important resource for both UBC and the city of Vancouver.  Professors and students gathered over beers and a salad from the garden, pouring over base maps and "guiding principles".  Many decisions are yet to be made- not all of them easy to make as we acknowledge multiple agendas within our group.

Four hours into the session, only the students remained- wrapped in blankets against the rainy cold, hashing out ideas and proposals.  The passion and commitment to this site and this project are electric.

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