Friday, 23 June 2017

Further reflections on National Aboriginal Day

From Laurence (and Erin): I went [to National Aboriginal Day] with Erin and we were walking around as the march came through and for me what was most impressive was the pride and the spirt you felt in the crowd as the march came through. It was breath taking! 

From Hoda (and Sara): Sara.T and I spent the day at Trout Lake. It was amazing! Lots of stations with beautiful Aboriginal art and merchandise (paintings, jewelry, etc.) . We ran into an artist who showed us some of his work on his phone (lots of paintings on canvas), and explained some of the artwork displayed for sale at the event. He also shared with us legends attached to the art work (one about bears and another about wolves). We learned that if a piece of artwork has a legend attached to it, it would be worth much more. He also told us some interesting facts about carving( such as carving against the wood grain). We got to witness a friendship parade, where different Aboriginal groups walked together, and some traditional dancing. Everything we saw was inspiring and beautiful. Different schools were there to celebrate this wonderful day and children of different backgrounds were engaging in some of the games at the park. It was really heartwarming to see how people of different cultures came out to celebrate and support the Aboriginal community of Vancouver. We learned a lot from everyone there and we are thankful they took the time to show us around. Overall, it was a wonderful and fun day!

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